The Billy Bubbles two part puppet cabaret show!! Bags of canine fun!

Its the 1920's and your 'Chad' of a boyfriend has ditched you and your best mate gets you off your face to cheer you up, but your best mate is actually your handbag dog...


'A great piece of old-slapstick comedy' Bath Echo


                          Part une...  Pop goes the Champers!

When you're feeling 'un peu miserable' there’s nothing like man’s best friend to cheer you up. Its party time for Billy as he eggs on Lady Tete de Pisse to let rip 20’s style.  Just watch it doesn't go too far, because that dogs a bad influence, breeding is everything! (run time 10mins)

                      Part deux...(the morning after) Cocktails and Dogtails

Lady Tete de Pisse, is a dazzling and wild bright young thing! but join her the morning after when the smell of cigarettes, sweat and stale champagne fills the air. This time its Billy who’s having the fun! ( run time 11mins)

New trailer for the 'Billy Bubbles Cabaret' filmed and edited by Evokesproductions who make corporate and theatrical trailers and lots of other things besides.   

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