In December 2018 Sylvia was commisioned to create a new Puppetry site specific piece at No.1 Royal Crescent... 

The Housekeeper and the Rat

' Take a step back in time and have a rare glimpse into life below stairs. As matriarch of the house servants Mrs. Baggot is giving you a privileged glimpse into her masters kitchen.
She's not one to gossip but she keeps her eyes and ears open.  The walls have ears... and tails, just like the fury kitchen thieves she wars against everyday. There's lots of work to be done, and watch out you don't get roped in whilst she talks you through her Christmas preparations at No.1 Royal Crescent. '


The Housekeeper and the Rat was a collaboration between Sylvia Hunt Presents and No.1 Royal crescent, the show was commisioned as part of No.1's first year of Christmas museum lates.  This piece was produced by Sylvia making several puppet rats, and was co-written and directed by Sylvia and Ed Browning. 

The house was open after hours so the public could explore the museum exhibitions and also take part in craft workshops aswell as seeing live performance.  The piece was larger than life comedy with audience participation, and puppetry.  The audience were taken through the day to day workings of the georgian kitchen by ficticious Housekeeper Mrs Baggott, a lucky few got the chance to knead her Bath Buns, while she continued her battle against the cunning kitchen rats.  

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