'Billy Bubbles Bath-time'

                                                          .. a story of a dog who desperately needs a bath!

'He may be a cute fluff ball but this dogs no handbag! Billy's been off having adventures again, we never know what he's been up to, but from the state of his fur we can guess!!


Unfortunately all that adventuring leads to one thing, Bath time! And when its Bathtime Billy's naughtier than most, he's ready for the battle of the bath tub! Come and watch Billy get fresh as a daisy again, and maybe even help out! His owner obviously needs a hand!'

 'Billy Bubbles Bath-time' is the exciting new piece made by Sylvia Hunt Presents, directed by Chris Pirie and supported by Bath Fringe's Bedlam Fair 'New Works Work Programme. In spring 2019 Sylvia Hunt started creating this new comic puppet show, then with the directional help of Chris Pirie (Green Ginger) the show started taking shape as a fun, and naughty family show.  Then with Bath Fringe's help and the additional support of street theatre experts Amy Rose and Gwen Hales, this great new show was clipped, snipped and spruced into shape! (run time 25mins) 

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